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Collect, Evolve and Play!

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Go to  www.mtvrs.app to play

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What is Metamon?

Metamon is a universe of cute and powerful monsters that you can capture, evolve and play games with! They are limited edition critically endangered creatures that will be available for adoption to an elite group of collectors. Combine two of the same Metamons to evolve them into an even rarer and more powerful Metamon. But be careful! Once you evolve, there is no going back! 

How do I collect Metamon?

Collect Surprise Packs on MTVRS to hunt for Metamon and evolve them! 

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Metamon Guidelines

1) Only a limited supply of 1000 of each Metamon Gen 1 will ever be created.

2) Combine 2 of the same Metamon tokens (on our platform) to evolve to the next generation. 

3) Each generation spawns a rarer Metamon.

4) Only Metamons from the same generation and specie can be combined together.

5) If you manage to capture all editions of one Metamon specie, you will unlock the rarest evolution (a 1 of 1 edition).

6) New Metamons (and Metamon editions) will be released through drops regularly as well as through surprise packs (to be redeemed on our platform). The race is on! Gotta capture them all!

Metamon Supply

Available through purchase:

Gen 1:  1000 supply released over time through surprise packs and random drops 

Only available through evolution and P2P:

Gen 2:  500 supply

Gen 3: 250 supply

Gen 4: 125 supply

Gen 5: 62 supply

Gen 6: 31 supply

Gen 7: 15 supply

Gen 8: 7 supply

Gen 9: 3 supply

Gen 10: 1 supply

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Metamon Evolution

Collect 2 of the same Metamons and combine on our platform to create next gen Metamon. The previous generation Metamon will be burned, locking anyone from unlocking the same card and making every Metamon even rarer!




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Artboard 24.png

The two Pico NFT cards are burned 🔥 and a new Pyro NFT card is transferred to the collector


Meet the Metamons discovered so far and available for collection!

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